Access Your Purchases

If you're missing a download link or can't locate a previously purchased product, you'll first want to check your email.

We use ThriveCart, a robust shopping cart platform that works to automatically deliver protected download links, and access to our products. This means that rather than one centralized download center, you'll receive an individual email for every product you purchase.

Download links are often disabled after a time for security purposes, so if one of your links is no longer working, please open a support desk ticket so that we can reactivate your access.

Further, we recommend creating a folder on your hard drive that is dedicated to Kate's products. That way, you can easily locate them in the future and it will also help you stay organized.

When contacting us in regards to a past purchase, please include your full name, email address used during purchase, and if available, any ORDER ID's that you may have.  Don't worry if you don't have the order or transaction numbers as we'll likely be able to locate your purchase history with a combination of your name and email address. 

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